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Hint Request QFG5, Final rite, Quest For Glory V


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I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  I already looked for a hint on UHS, but I don’t think it told me what I needed.

If you have not played QFG5 before, please do not read this post.  It is all spoilers, especially puzzle spoilers.

So I am on the final rite of the game, and really it seems like we are winding down.

So the final rite is to find the King’s assassin, and I’m pretty invested because I’m sure they also tried to kill my buddy Rakeesh.

So first thing you should do when you start a newrite is talk to everyone.  So I did that.  The Famous Adventurer very blatantly hints that the rite is less important than guarding the final dragon statue.

So I go to the final Dragon statue, (and I’ve tried using the fire proofing potion, and resistance spell in this room, it does give me points, but I don’t seem to advance).  The dragon statue is still standing, and no one is here guarding it or trying to attack it.

I went back to science island.  Of course it’s closed for good now that they are in jail for trying to fuckin kill Erasmus and Shakeer.  Ass holes.  So I thought maybe they will be in the jail by gnome ann’s inn.  No, they are not there.  I mean I know at the end of the other rite, they are caught, and explain their motives, but thought maybe they are still connected to the king’s assassin also. 

I slept at the inn for a few nights, because I learned my lesson from playing QFG4.

Elsa shows up not just once, but two nights in a row.  I showed her the candy of course, and she confides in me that she thinks minos is to be suspected and that she is going to confront him. (after this I gave the candy to apothecary to improve poison pills)

I fly the balloon to minos’ island.  Can’t go there because there is strong wind blowing me away.  (maybe if I caught and rode the pegasus, but IDK how.)

I revisit Erana.  She is not very helpful.  I revisit everyone (but I can never find ferrari) thinking maybe I had to meet with Elsa.  Nothing.

I return to the dragon statue.  Same as before.

These should be final quests of the game, but I just do not have any leads!

1.  I need a lead on who is the king’s assassin.  I think that will probably be last, or will be minos, as he has motive and means, so I’m not worried about this one right now.

2.  I need to protect the last dragon statue.  I’m not stupid, I’ve played a game before, I know I can’t actually stop it from being destroyed, but I don’t know how to progress this quest line!  I assume at some point the last dragon statue will be destroyed, I will have to punch that dragon in the face, and then maybe the building behind the lava will open too.

3.  I want to help Elsa bring Minos to justice, but I don’t know how to help her.  It feels like I should be able to fly there, and maybe I can but I don’t know how to tame the pegasus.  In KQ4, you just shoot the damn pegasus with a bow and arrow.  Maybe I should try that.  Or maybe I should give Elsa that Magnet, and then when she arrives back at Minos island, then I can use my magnet, and help her whoop ass.

4.  Also I can get married I guess.  I don’t care for Nawar, and Erana is probably a little old for me.  I wish I could marry wolfie.  He is officially on my Boyfriends in Gaming list, and we’re always so happy to see each other.

5.  Also I never solved the bank robbery, but I dont think it’s important for a wizard class.

I don’t know that I ever resolved the Gnome Ann’s Inn quest line because although her inn is covered in flowers and paint now, I haven’t been able to find ferrari after those quest were finished, so I don’t know if I need to talk with him.  Every night I check the arena, his house, the bar, and the thieves guild but I can never find him!

Thanks for help in advance!

Much love you guys!


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Boy, does this bring back memories… I remember trying to finish QFGV but giving up because it felt like it just went on forever. It had me wondering whether the designers had even got around to making an ending, or if it was just left unfinished!

Good luck, hope you are able to finish it!


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