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Glitches in Retro Adventure Game

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Joined 2020-04-24


I was watching an old clip of mine from Police Quest I (VGA) and there is a glitch in the game where after I didn’t stop at a stop sign and got hit, the game would say that I died, but then I’d still be driving on the road only my car was driving either backwards or sideways. It was quite an amusing and surprising glitch to discover and it was very consistent and repeatable (i.e. it happened every single time). Do you have to memories of other glitches that stand out to you in adventure games that you have played? I’d like to hear about as many as possible because it would be fun to repeat them.


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I don’t know if this counts, as it’s not a glitch in the game itself, but a third party software… Anyway, in some older version of ScummVM when playing Tony Tough, the game would enter an unwinnable state, where a certain thing didn’t happen in the amusement park. There was a very weird workaround for that. If you decrease the colour palette to just few colours in ScummVM settings, you could get past that. The actual event had nothing at all to do with colours, but it just didn’t get triggered with all game colours on…  Tongue


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There was a glitch/dead end in Shivers. Because of the randomness of the game, I’m not sure if you can intentionally repeat it. But you can find yourself in a location where an Ixupi is guarding a pile of wood and you are on the other side of that wood pile. If you go forward, you die. But, because there is no exit from your side of the wood pile you die as your energy level diminishes.

I think I’ve played this game close to 15 times and this has only happened to me twice.


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