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The Void by Ice Pick Lodge getting started advice, help!


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Can anyone help me with The Void by Ice Pick Lodge?
I have lots of thoughts, but this not the place.

So I read the manual and played a little under a dozen famine cycles or whatever so far. Has anyone played enough to give me advice?  I’m super into this game, but I have played several nights in a row, and I feel like I’m not making any progress at all.

If you haven’t played, please go into this game blind.  This post does not really have spoilers in the traditional sense, but you should try fumbling blindly through the void as I have until it makes you as insane as I am.

I keep running out of color before I can fill the elder sister’s heart and use her chambers, and I’m trying to figure out, if it’s because I’m moving too slowly through the game or what?

So let me explain: The first time I played, I thought that splashing color on the tree was the part that you had to use lots of color, not the drawing the glyph part, so after my trees bloomed, I would only harvest 1 or 2 values of color. 

So I started over, and this time when I gave the trees color, I tried to fill them up completely during the glyph drawing, and I had much more color.  So I learned my lesson I thought.  I was able to open the first sister’s two hearts and progress the game, but then I meet two elder sisters.  By this point usually my trees are yielding very little color, and I don’t know how to replace them or if I can replace them.  I mean my trees were primarily green and gold for the first sister, and then some blue for movement speed.

Okay one of the next sisters will accept green and silver I think, and the other is purple and amber, but I can’t plant purple and amber trees, because I’ve filled up my garden with green and gold tress that have stopped producing color, and theoretically when I open up the sister’s first heart, she will then let me use her chamber one of which will be a garden, and I’ll have access to new trees. So I’m just stuck mostly.

A brother comes along and gives me a glyph to open ore veins of color from the mine walls.  Which is cool, I can blow them up, but then I can’t harvest the color, which the game clearly hints that I should go talk to an elder sister, but by this point I don’t have enough color to give, and I don’t have access to the colors that I need, and I just run out of color, or get attacked by monsters.

I guess my simplified questions are:

1.  Am I doing something wrong with the trees?  Are they supposed to yield less each cycle, and is there a way to recharge them or replant them?

2.  Am I doing something wrong that I don’t have enough purple and amber to give to the next sister?  It seems that the glyph for the mine is the solution to that problem, but maybe I have to help the green/silver sister first or whatever the other one is.  Will she help me with the glyph I need?

3.  The game makes it sound like wasting color is this huge deal, but it seems like a waste color by accident, but inevitably.  Do the brothers and sister actually treat me different if I accidentally waste color, or are some of them just programmed to hate me no matter what?  Should I waste my spare color on that trap in the first garden so early in the game?

4.  Early in the game the sister explicitly says that wasting time in the void is something I’m not ready for, but there’s lots of times where I’m just waiting for flowers or trees or color drops or whatever, and am I really supposed to not use the time altering ring thing?  It seems like I should if I don’t have enough nerva or I’m waiting for cycles to start again.  But maybe that’s why I keep dying?  Also just don’t combine it with amber because that’s bad news.


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