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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Thursday 24 January 2013


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It looks like half of the screenshots I’ve found for Phantasmagoria 2 are about the main character getting killed and/or raped by a woman. Are you trying to tell us something, Ms. Shannon?


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I am one of a few that actually loved A Puzzle of Flesh and the original for that matter. A Puzzle of Flesh was extremely risque delving so deeply into different forms of sexual preferences and abuse. I should clarify that I liked the game except for the ending sequences in the “Other World” area.

Curtis, the main character, talking to his pet mouse (Blob) who sometimes talks back…

Curtis: Oh Blob, I wish I knew what’s going on
Blob: Isn’t that obvious? You’re a psycho killer.


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You are here: HomeForum Home → Gaming → Adventure → Thread

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