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The new Carol Reed game is out


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Joined 2005-04-14


Ah, I see… You mean Carol Reed should look more seasoned and more cunning than Gwyneth. Then I’d suggest this lady:


The human race is doomed to progress.
Tony Clifton


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OMG! Even better!  Thumbs Up Sharp as a knife. One look at Momma and I can hear her voice in my head. Hard to believe this is the same woman at a somewhat younger age.


You’re out of milk. Your pants are chafing you. And you’re going to totemize every magic creature in the Empire.  - Lucy Flathead, Zork Grand Inquisitor

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Just finished Geospots and once again I thoroughly enjoyed the Carol Reed experience. If I had one wish though, I wish that the developer would expand the dialogues a little. I understand that Carol is investigating but surely a good investigator would get the subject to open up a little? It is when the characters go off topic that they are at their most engaging, or creepy as the case may be. Still, it was an excellent game even if I did have an urgent desire to deadhead those petunias.


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I’ve just got a new phone & currently getting on with a ring tone that reminds me of Carol Reed!  Laughing


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