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Games like Thimbleweed Park?

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Joined 2020-01-13


I just picked up and burned through this one, and it the first one since I was a kid. Also the first time I wasn’t overwhelmed by the genre; I got hints, not going to lie, but only when I was out of options and ideas, and I never would have guessed the answers on the ones I did get help with. I think, unlike when I was a kid, I’m ready for the genre. Plus TWP feels more user friendly somehow. https://solitaire.onl/

What are good options out there? I’m on console, but I have a desktop. https://9apps.ooo/


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Hi Harrison,

Welcome to the forum and glad to hear you’ve enjoyed playing a Point & Click again since you last were a kid! Thimbleweed Park surely is an amazing Adventure and hence why it won the Adventure Game of the year award for 2017.

You might enjoy the 2018 winner, Unavowed, you might enjoy that, or maybe even a more recent one like Faria d’Arles

Here’s an overview of all the winners for the Yearly Adventure Game of the Year award (Aggies): https://adventuregamers.com/aggie-awards/view/best-adventure-game-of-the-year


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You might also be interested in Resonance - https://adventuregamers.com/games/view/16072

Similar art style, multiple characters, and got excellent reviews.


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