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My 2019, adventurewise

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Karlok - 05 January 2020 09:47 AM

Hey, zane! Long time no see. Maybe you’d play more adventures if you visited AG more often?  Tongue

I’m going to check out the goose game, never heard of it.

Its a good point, theres probably good games i havent even realized exist Tongue


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What I played last year (almost all of them anyway). A few may technically not be adventure games. And I ended up abandoning some, much more than usual. Looking back, my gaming year was mediocre I guess?

Demetrios – Some unlikeable characters, but I enjoyed this traditional style adventure.

Life is Strange 2 – I didn’t think it was as good as the first game, but I didn’t regret playing it either.

We Are Chicago – There was so much wrong with this both from a technical standpoint and just everything else. I guess it was meant to be educational and maybe used in schools though.

Lost Horizon 1 & 2 – They aren’t the best in terms of execution, but not bad either. Kind of fun to play.

The Little Acre – Cute little game with excellent animation, but too short. I wished there was more to it.

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World – It wasn’t for me.

Conarium – I didn’t finish it due to the stealth sequences. I generally liked what I played though.

The Drawn series – A series of casual games. I liked them well enough. The art was nice. I liked the first and third games best.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season – I finished the last two episodes. I was happy with the ending.

Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements – Quit because I screwed myself over I guess lol. I enjoyed what I played though.

Whispers of A Machine – The puzzles were the highlight, but like Kathy Rain, the story was a bit of a weak spot.

A Room Beyond – The super pixelated graphics made it difficult to make out what things are, and the controls weren’t the best, but I had some fun with it, especially whacking the spiders.

Home – It creeped me out because I’m a wimp. Nothing really happened and there wasn’t much to it.

Draugen – Ended up disappointing me. Meh

Eastshade – When I get past the performance issues it was a really beautiful game. I wanted to just live in this world. Nice and relaxing.

Dear Esther – I just didn’t get it.

The Frostrune – Really enjoyed this one.

Detective Grimoire – Simple puzzles, easy, but fun, with some pretty nice voice acting.

Vidar – I don’t like timed puzzles, and I failed.

Hadean Lands – Very interesting, but very time consuming text adventure. It took a while, and some cheating heh, to get through this one.

Guard Duty – This was pretty good. There were some overly long dialogs and cutscenes though.

80 Days (2014) – This was fun and I wouldn’t mind replaying it. It reminded me of a combination of the Oregon Trail and Bushbuck, if anyone’s heard of that one. Wink

Her Story – Decent, but not much to this game.

Prominence – I really enjoyed it, and pretty cool twist about the character you play.

Zak Mckracken Between Time and Space – The fan made sequel. The puzzles though, yeesh. One of them was really poorly thought out. But other than that, I thought it was really well made for a fan game.

Burly Men at Sea – I did play multiple times for all the endings, but it was kind of tedious. Cute though.

Paradigm – So weird, but also so great.

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots – Nice little DLC prequel filler.

What Remains of Edith Finch – Really good. Probably the best I’ve played of its genre.

Pathos – Another one I couldn’t finish. I was playing on my phone and ran into trouble with the controls on the final level, so I just gave up. I was enjoying the puzzles though.

The Turing Test – Took me a while to get through it. I’d say I enjoyed it overall, but probably wouldn’t want to play it again.

Devil in the Capital – The settings were pretty good, but it felt underdeveloped and there was no challenge whatsoever.

The Lion’s Song – I really liked it for what it was. It offered a unique perspective.

Little Misfortune – I really enjoyed it. I wonder if Misfortune will appear in the Fran Bow sequel.




Currently Playing: Beautiful Desolation


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I’ve probably forgotten quite a few games but:

Very Good
Sumatra: Fate of Yandi
Pixel-art is not my favourite but it was not extreme enough to put me off. An excellent p & c game with a great story & some interesting & quite challenging puzzles.
Whispers of a Machine
I loved the story & the use of a variety of interesting augmentations. My thought was that the developers had crammed too many ideas into one game re the different augmentations & that it would have worked very well just using the one & perhaps saving the other ideas to implemented into further games?
Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure
I just loved this game - I’m always a sucker for a traditional point & click & just loved the humour - I think I lost the plot a little but it was interesting enough to think about playing again. 
I loved this game -  a very worthy successor to Cat Lady in my mind but interesting in different ways.

Detective Di
This wonderful traditional p & c mystery was great in every way but doesn’t make my ‘very good‘ list only because it was just too easy. 
An interesting murder mystery which I know I enjoyed at the time I just now can’t remember one jot of detail about it!
Carol Reed: The Fall of April
I’m always a sucker for a visit to Sweden, the beautiful photography & an intriguing mystery to solve in any Carol Reed game.
Reality Incognita
I found this to be a surprisingly addictive game from just the one-person developer. There was a lot of bugs/problems to start with but this developer has worked very hard to address & patch just about everything. It’s not state of the art but it’s fun & has an interesting premise -  I liked it a lot!
Midnight in Salem
It has its problems for a lot of players & yes, the interface is a little awkward but otherwise I loved the story, the voice-acting & generally the pace of the game - for me it was a pretty nice game.
Guard Duty
More fun p & c gaming here!

I loved the graphics & the interesting little vignettes but maybe I missed something in that the game as a whole didn’t pull them together?
Yet Another Hero Story
It was a fun comedic p & c adventure at the time but not overly inspiring or memorable.
The Death of Erin Myers
It was very short but I found it to be quite an atmospheric game which I enjoyed - I can’t remember much more than that!
Sally Face
It’s a game that was presented in 5 episodes the last released just recently. I was completely hooked by the first three episodes but was unable to finish the fourth due to for me a very tedious timed sequence towards the end. The fifth episode continued this ‘torture’ with a sequence of arcade/timed stuff towards the end. It completely overshadowed the story for me which I ended up not overly appreciating due to the over-emphiasis on ‘action’ parts. I was so disappointed as the story started out to be so intriguing. 


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Joined 2007-01-04


I played 55 adventure games in 2019. So no, I won’t list them all here.

I will post this:

PC - 2 games, The Longest Journey was my favorite. I just love this game and I was happy to play it yet again.

PS4 - 9 games, including my favorite of the year, Death Mark. This game was very strange, very creepy and really different so that made it the winner for me.

The worst game was a PS4 game, 428 scramble, it was just OK, but still worth keeping.

IOS - 44 games, obviously my go to platform. Dracula 4 and 5 was the worst, very short with average at best puzzles. Still a fun game with a great ending.

Best on IOS was Simulacra, loved this game, could not stop playing it, I replayed it twice after finishing it the first time. Very creepy and had me guessing till the end. It had several endings too, I got them all.



I enjoy playing adventure games on handheld systems- PS VITA, Nintendo DS and ipad mini.

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