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Inspector Waffles


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Hi everyone Smile

My name is Yann, I’m a solo dev behind Goloso Games. Maybe you played my previous game, Antenna Dilemma.
I’ve also been working on a game named Inspector Waffles for a couple of years now and I’ve just released a new demo, the one you maybe played during AdventureX this year. This demo is very close to what the game will be when it will be released, feel free to check out! (Links below)



Inspector Waffles is a police investigation point-and-click set in a world that combines Noir atmosphere and humour.
In the anthropomorphic animal-populated city of Cat Town, the body of the rich industrialist Fluffy was found after a fatal fall.
But why didn’t this beloved cat land back on his paws?
This is what Inspector Waffles, a witty feline a previous case has left damaged, will try to discover in a wild journey full of  extravagant characters.

Inspector Waffles is an adventure game in which you play a real detective: It is armed with your precious notebook that you will be able to trace the murderer.
Inspect, interrogate, and confront the citizens of Cat Town with the inconsistencies of their statements on a backdrop of pixelart and jazzy music.

In this demo, you will discover the first investigation of the story, the game system with notebook and clues, and several scenes to visit and explore.

Demo link

Steam, itch.io, gamejolt.

Inspector Waffles is planned for a Summer 2020 release, on PC.

And if you any questions or feedbacks, don’t hesitate at all Smile
Thanks for checking it out! Smile



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Glad to read that! I really enjoyed your previous demo and was looking forward to playing more of it. Best of luck with the rest of your game Smile


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For those that are entranced with retro pixel graphics, this is your game.


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they toll for thee.

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Antenna Dilemma was pretty good!  Look forward to your new game as well


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The transition between the cinematics and the pixel art feels a bit jarring (I like the look of both, it’s just that my brain somehow doesn’t fit the two styles together right) but otherwise this looks great! Strong aesthetics, a design focussed on a solid detective mechanic, and cats!


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