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Prisoner of Ice - Crash Problem

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Joined 2009-03-26


I have done Google searches already and it seems this is a known problem, but I still cant fix it.

The game crashes as soon as it attempts to auto save - straight after the tentacle escapes from the box and drags a crew member into the room.

A fatal 02 error appears with the word’TEST’ after it

I thought I had sorted everything out with my mounted drives as it locates the saved games to load up (previously was not doing so)however the error persists

I have:

mount c: /xxx/xxx/Games
mount d /xxx/xxx/Games/POI (this is the folder that is created when you start the game)
cd prisoner (where game files are)

I have tried adding -t cdrom after mount d - even adding mount e linking to the prisoner game directory - nothing!

Hope someone can help


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For some reason, it is essential that the directory in which the executable is be seen as a CD-ROM. Otherwise, you’ll get that crash.

Let’s say you put your dosbox games in /xxx/xxx/Games.

1) Delete all the Prisoner of Ice stuff you have under /xxx/xxx/Games

2) Make a new directory: /xxx/xxx/Games/POI (or whatever other name you want to give it)

3) Copy the contents of the game CD to this new subdirectory

4) Edit /xxx/xxx/Games/POI/__ICE__.PAR with a text editor. Change the second line to:
OPTIONS_PATH=C:\POI\SAVE\      (supposing you copied the files to /xxx/xxx/Games/POI)

5) Start DOSBox

6) mount c /xxx/xxx/Games

7) mount d /xxx/xxx/Games/POI -t cdrom       (supposing you copied the files to /xxx/xxx/Games/POI)

8) d:

9) ICE640.EXE

That works, I’ve just tested it.


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Total Posts: 21

Joined 2009-03-26


Kudos points to you Sir!

Worked a treat thanks to your simple to follow instructions.

Many many thanks


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