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I am proud to say: Reality Incognita, full version, is finally out!

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Joined 2019-10-21


Hello fellow adventurers!

I am Evgenie Tivaniuk aka Dire Boar Games and I am proud to announce, that my game Reality Incognita full version is now released on Steam!

I’ve been doing it for about five years, and while I did hire freelancers for graphics and sounds, I still used only my own from salary, and never had a sponsor, a publisher or even crowdfunding.

And now, after a long and hard work, it’s finally ready.

Gameplay trailer:

Since I couldn’t invest too much into graphics, I did my best to make heavy emphasis on the storyline.

In my game, Peri Res, our protagonist will find herself on a spaceship, where dangers lie everywhere. A mysterious maniac is killing everyone on the ship, hunting her, and constantly attempts to sabotage the ship.

Our story will dabble in humor at times, with many twists and turns that are sure to keep even the most demanding adventures satisfied. Be prepared for a thrilling experience that is sure to keep you guessing with an engaging narrative and tons of surprises. You are going to be on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The game has many puzzles, some of which can be solved with more then one approach.

And also, there are quite a few branching conversations, written with great care.

The game was released with two languages: English and Russian. Mind you, some of puzzles are different per language!

And there are also two endings - with only one of them giving all answers!

Will Peri, under your guidance, survive?

I hope you loved what I wrote about the game, so don’t hesitate, buy it now!

And if you played it and loved it, consider leaving a review!

Your humble developer,
Dire Boar Games



You are here: HomeForum Home → Gaming → Adventure → Thread

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