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Homesick - new 3d adventure game kickstarter

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Joined 2012-05-27


Homesick is a really neat looking 3d adventure game. The developers are looking for funding
at Homesick Kickstarter.

I really like the game, at least from it’s presentation on kickstarter and i would love if they succeed! Smile

Screenshots >


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Joined 2012-12-22


Just watched the Kickstarter video and liked it. Looks like a nice and interesting game.


Story rich DRM-free games for Windows, Mac and linux for direct download - https://fireflowergames.com/. Half the profit goes to projects that benefit the environment and game related projects.


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Looks beautiful, but It’s a little too far from my “style” to convince me to support it Confused


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This got funded today, with all 3 stretch goals. Don’t know muck about it but I think it looks great, one of the few projects I backed not based on nostalgia Smile


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