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‘Outer Wilds’ - this exploration/mystery/puzzle game looks amazing, has anyone here played it?

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Joined 2006-09-08


This game look amazing, here’s a fairly spoiler free review:

The only thing preventing me from buying it is the fact that the PC version (also available on Xbox One) is only (at the moment) available via the awful Epic Games Store. Hopefully it will come to Steam and GOG in a few months.

Has anyone here played it? What did you think?


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Joined 2015-07-23


That’s hardly a spoiler free review. (It even says “kind of spoiler free” right there in the thumbnail)

You should go into the game as blind as possible, as the whole point of the game is the exploration and discovery. That video spoils a lot of that.

And it is a wonderful game, you should play it.


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Joined 2004-04-08


Haven’t played it yet but I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it that it seems like something I should play before the end of the year.


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