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It really looks very impressive.

Not sure about the heroine - she comes across as roughly thrice her age (just with a squeaky voice) - but it’ll probably be worth a playthrough just for the setting ^^;


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I’ve played the demo (on Linux, btw), you can get it here: https://chaosmonger.itch.io/encodya

The demo lasts around 1 hour, it is long enough to see how much work has been put on this one. Truly outstanding graphics and voice-over, a lot of (maybe too many) easter eggs for the fans of golden age point and click games, Miyazaki movies and generic cyberpunk stuff.

Anyway it works pretty well, and the best part of it I must say is the traditional gameplay. I really enjoyed going through the puzzles and trying to figure out what to do next. I usually don’t back games on Kickstarter but this demo really impressed me also because it came out of nowhere. It quickly became my most wanted adventure.

If you are more on the traditional side of adventure gaming (i.e. those with inventory puzzles leading the experience) and don’t dislike AAA graphics (who does?) you should really try out the demo.


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