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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Wednesday 16 January 2013


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I started playing Ceville some years ago, and I took a break after finishing the first big part and gaining access to some sort of council chamber (?) which may or may not be the room the the screenshot above. And then my PC died and by the time I got a new one several months later, I had no interest in getting back to the game.

Did I miss anything worth playing?


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I don’t know, I enjoyed the first half of the game, I liked the humour, but somewhere along the line it started feeling like a chore to finish it. I don’t even remember how it ended, so I guess it’s safe to say that the ending wasn’t all that memorable. But then again, there’s me and my inability to fully enjoy cartoon adventures when they’re presented in 3D.


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i guess you missed Kuru though i am not quite sure where you left it as the council chamber is accessible all the game, but It is a very well crafted game, a Lot of Backtracking and things in other places changes after achieving something… NPCs do not stay in one place all the game ,not a game with very selection of vast locations ... but i would not let that sound like i do not admire the game because this one is one of the best adventures that came out the last 3-4 years ...a kind of game that gives you more than you expect (when your exceptions are bad enough) and that was my case ;when i started playing that Silly Arrogant Ceville Character (as a hero) Smile


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That’s what happened to me… got about that far and then never got back to it. It didn’t hold my interest. Plus it played really slowly on my computer.


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