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can i ask for a particular game here?

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Joined 2019-04-14


i dont know if there is any tag system here to find some games. can anyone recommend me a alternative to Broken sword games and Indiana johnes games.


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Lost Horizon is as Indiana Jones as you can get without actually being Indiana Jones…
It even takes place in the late ‘30s with the villains being Nazis.


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On a related note, they are making a game called The Fountain of Youth, that was meant to be an Indiana Jones game (much like Fate of Atlantis) until they were forced to abandon the license.


Seems like it’s still early in the production for them, so unfortunately that won’t help you now, but maybe something to look forward to. Smile


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Lost Horizon is rather lame.

there IS an Indiana Jones games that are excellent:

Indiana Jones and the Emperors’ Tomb

you may also enjoy the Lara Croft games..the older ones do NOT play any of them make by Square Enix they are denatured and totally non canon.

not sure why no one else has suggested them. the early adventure games are great but be willing to expand your own horizons to the games made in the “middle” period which are excellent, some seem to cling to the need to define and label and limit the category of “Adventure Game” bur frankly after studying and working with games of all kinds for 20 years now, many games are filled with Adventure and other things too.


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