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XML-files (aligning gameplaying controls)


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One of the most luxurious gameplaying aspects is to be able to align the game’s (gameplaying) controls!, tho most of the direct-control-games give this option to switch keyboard key functions from the defaults to whatever suits the player.

I have come across some forums of gamers freaks (nerds) with the ability to tackle with the game’s script to simply (the least) assigning game’s controls; keys (mouse and keyboard) to their needs, whether changing the font, cursor or even changing the music played thru the game to their comfort, but what is interesting me is the -XML- controls file (that is within the game’s installation folder) and how to tackle with it.

Game like Tuberbrook, for example; with its gameplaying reliance on mouse only, except for the -Spacebar-to view hotspots, i ve been wondering (even trying with no success) if there is a way i can tackle with the game XML-controls-file to align the middle-mouse-key to take over the spacebar function (viewing hotspot) so i would have the full luxury of playing using the mouse only without the need of stretching my arm towards the keyboard.

Thanks, for helping me being as lazy as possible, Appreciated.


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