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A new kind of an adventure game

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Joined 2019-03-24


Non-linear game? How about a title capable of trillions of substantively unique play-throughs. Writer AI shares a common interactive fiction ancestry with adventure games. Adventure games tend to focus on visuals. Writer AI focuses on audience co-authorship of the experience.

“H2O: A Drop in the Ocean” is the first example of a writer artificial intelligence game. We’re life long lovers of the adventure games genre, and feel like this new game and new type of game will appeal to a certain segment of the adventure game community. Check it out!

This is not spam. We are selling nothing. We are simply looking for people who are interested in adventure games and interactive fiction to help train the AI with the audience co-authorship part.



Total Posts: 3

Joined 2019-03-24


Only 11 days left! Don’t miss it!

This Kickstarter is for a 100% completed project.


We are looking for folks who love adventure games and might be interested in an AI-assisted adventure game. Audience participation is part of the experience as you truly become a co-author of your own experience. What kind of story will it reveal to you?

For more details find us here:


Hope you decide to join us

—the H2O Writer AI team


Total Posts: 3

Joined 2019-03-24


H2O: A Drop in the Ocean is a text-based cross-platform adventure game created by an autistic crew.

A word from our creator has been just posted on Art of Autism.


Find us on Facebook:


Until soon,

—the Writer AI team


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