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Chainsaw Monday

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Joined 2019-02-24


I’ve made a short documentary on Chainsaw Monday, the Major Layoffs at Sierra On-Line which happened 20 years ago, on February 22nd, 1999 in Oakhurst, CA and ultimately destroyed the company, albeit slowly and needing another set of layoffs in 2004 to finish off the job! Anyway, its good to remember Sierra… And, its good to know why you shouldn’t let somebody else buy out your company, especially if they’re fraudulently fiddling with the business statements! Meh


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Joined 2012-01-02


Thank for this video, tho its more (for me) as a memorial of death… RIP Sierra.

As for the petition suggested at the end of the video, i am sure with all this coverage you have made you must know how many petitions already had been made, 10s covering many aspects about activation and Sierra IPs.

anyways, let us hope the best to come, and thanks again for this nice vid.


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