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My toughts on categorization

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This is my first post, i just made an account, so hello to everyone who sees this.
Adventure is one of my favourite categories of games, and i want to share some of my toughts on game categories.
i think all of us can agree that the most important things in adventure games are story and atmosphere. Other generes where these qualities are of large importance seem to be horror, walking simulators, and experimental/surreal games. I was thinking about what my favourite games have in common, and i came to the conclusion that the qualities i was looking for are: story,atmosphere,exploration. This leads me to two questions; First should these games be considered sub-generes of adventure? And second Why are some of the most atmospheric,story focused game rarely called adventure games?
Im sorry if this sounds stupid.


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Let’s find a good definition of ‘adventure game’.
‘The most important parts of the game are story and exploring of the world. Player has to solve tasks and puzzles using his/her brains power. Fightings, economics, fast reaction elements usually are not used in this kind of games.’ - it says. I think that’s the main reason why some games are not ‘adventure’ though you want to call them so.
By the way, I appreciate good plot in games too. My second favorite feature is original and harmonic art.


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I think story, atmosphere, exploration etc are more features of a game than sub-genres. An action game can also be atmospheric, story rich or exploratory, so I think it would be difficult to make those features sub-genres.

You also have to define what an adventure game is as absolute_zero mentions.


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