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Upcoming 3rd person point & click games?


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Doom - 06 December 2018 07:52 PM

the CPT-nominated Dead Mountaineer Hotel

CPT-nominated Grin
Yes, a great achievement indeed. Almost as great as the one-star review it got Tongue


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The greatest achievement of this obscure title so far! 3rd place with 4 people who voted to play it (I didn’t). And personally I don’t mind those kind of games coming out of fashion unless they are designed by someone of Jane Jensen or Jonathan Boakes caliber.


PC means personal computer


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Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel is actually a misunderstood cult classic. Not like those pulpy Stephen King-lite “games” from the likes of Jensen and Boakes Wink


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walas74 - 06 December 2018 06:22 PM
Oscar - 06 December 2018 05:27 PM
GateKeeper - 06 December 2018 05:21 PM

and what some you who listed already released games missed:

- upcoming.

That part confused me to be honest.

The OP has not played games for several years, so why must they be upcoming? If they assumed that no suitable games have been released in the past few years, at least allow us to correct them.

I think his/her concern was if that kind of games are dead, that’s why he/she asked about upcoming games, wasn’t asking about recommendations of that kind of games for playing.

i believe Moonbird to be a 1st person (mostly, from what i remember) adventurer and maybe she is having one of those change of heart moments, but if she is hitting this far as you say, then thats just intelligent, bc is true, traditional AGs have become a rarity.


Pray for Scott Murphy!

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