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The Spider Cometh: spacecraft survival strategy with tactical gameplay.


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Joined 2018-11-15


Hey guys! I trust the opinion of the AG community and therefore I want to hear what you think about the game that my friends are doing?

«The Spider Cometh» is a competitive challenge tactical strategy game about space odyssey of survivors from Earth in the near future. We are aspiring to create a perfect game for grown-up players that like strategies and want a good intellectual relax after work.

The protagonist of «The Spider Cometh» is Alex Tate Anderson, an engineer with a family, and a good fellow overall. Before the Spider (a living 4-D printing error) messed up the Earth in 2032 he was working for NASA in Houston. Now Alex, his wife Grace, and the group of other survivors travel on his mortgage spaceship and try to find a new home within the more or less well-lived and colonized space. The problem is that Alex is still struggling to unlock his full potential and to become a true leader on his own spaceship and to take responsibility for the lives and well-being of others. At the same time, another man on a spaceship - an older, accomplished, a dominant ex-Formula 1 star named Demon Kid - shines with confidence, ogles girls, and is perfectly ready to take Alex’s place.

We’ve addressed all gamers problems and designed the game that satisfies the needs of grown-up players.

By the link you will see screenshots and video:

We make a game for those who want to just relax after job. We are trying to take the best of the legendary game strategies and submit it with the new game mechanics.

Take a look, we are interested in feedback! Smile

Platforms: PC, PS, Xbox
Project release date: 2020


You are here: HomeForum Home → Gaming → General → Thread

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