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Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars music patch

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I remember that in the now-dead Revolution Games forum, somebody once posted a patch that removed the character portraits and turned off the hotspots in the DC version and that there is some kind of Python-related stuff that the programmer-types could tinker with to get files out of the DC version. I know I sound funny but I really no idea about these things haha.

So I was thinking: could any more computer whizz-y types be able to further patch the game? I was thinking ...

The topical icons. These look a lot prettier in the DC version. Maybe these could be injected into the original somehow?

And as subbi suggested, the non-changed cut scenes from the DC perhaps?

Also, there are some grammatical/other linguistic errors / typos in the dialogue/subtitles (fun fact: I think there is a typo when you pick up the newspaper, either way, in one of the *very first* pieces of dialogue haha), but correcting the subtitles file in Notepad (which my amateur ass attempted hahaha) obviously doesn’t work.

Even a slight change like the little topic buttons could enhance the gameplay experience, and if any of y’all are experts at this programming patching mumbo jumbo, please jump in!

Here are the links to the DC patches and the Python stuff:




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