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Indian Games Thread


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Hi there,
I’m looking for games based on Hindu mythology, particularly Ramayana or Mahabharata but any title would be appreciated.
Thanks and warmest regards,

(also feel free to discuss your favourite Indian or Hindi games here)


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LOL, I had to look twice at the thread title. I initially thought “why are there two “Indie game” threads”? Tongue


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The only one I can think of is an adventure game, Road to India: Between Hell and Nirvana, but I’m not sure how much of Indian mythology is in it since I haven’t played it.


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There’s a Diablo-style RPG called Asura that I’ve been meaning to try that is based off of Indian mythology. It’s mentioned here along with some other games developed in India that I haven’t heard of but look pretty cool


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There is a game on Steam called Tales of Mahabharata:

I had a quick look and it looks very old-school JRPG gameplay.

There is also a Ramayana RTS:


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