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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Saturday 29 December 2012

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“Oh gawd, is this stupid fake award show still going on??? Gimme a break!” Why, of course it’s still going on! We’ve still got three awards to do. Why would you want to miss that?

You may have noticed that some of the categories honoured by the Scenies are a bit atypical. Clearly, this is mostly due to the Scenies recognizing scenes rather than games. But today, we have a very traditional category, a category which every self-respecting award show includes: the Award for Best Scene Featuring a Psychotic Bunny.

With the Sam & Max series not running this year, the competition is very open. Still, there can only be one winner. And so without further ado, the award goes to . . .


(more drumroll)

(even more drumroll)

Every single scene with Zero Jr., from Virtue’s Last Reward by Chunsoft!

Does this really need any explanation? Virtue’s Last Reward has a fantastic cast of unforgettable characters and skilfully blends drama, tension and goofy humour, but even among all this goodness having a crazy AI rabbit as the voice of this new Nonary Game’s mastermind was a masterstroke on Chunsoft’s part.

And that was day 5! Just two more awards to go!


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Great, now I’m even more anxious to play this game… Tongue


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