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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Friday 28 December 2012


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Hello everyone, welcome, welcome, welcome!

We’re reaching the midpoint of the 2012 Scenies (time sure flies when you’re having fun), and it’s now time for a very special award. There are scenes that are so memorable that they can be counted among the best produced in their year. And then there are scenes that rise even above that and stand among the very best ever. For these, the Scenies Academy gives out Special Achievement Awards.

Today, it is time for one such award: the Special Achievement Award for The First Scene in the History of Mankind that Centres Around a Kid But Does Not Make You Want to Commit Murder.

And this Special Achievement Award goes to . . .


(more drumroll)

(even more drumroll)

Looking for Clementine from The Walking Dead: Around Every Corner by Telltale Games

Children are the bane of fiction. From Yeesha in Myst IV to these three stupid brats in the Testament of Sherlock Holmes, from Macaulay Culkin’s entire filmography to child Anakin, kids in fiction tend to be obnoxious when they’re supposed to be funny, annoying when they’re supposed to be cute, and can ruin pretty much anything.

So choosing to build their character-driven episodic series upon the bond between the lead character, Lee, and the little girl he’s chosen to protect, Clementine, was a huge risk taken by Telltale. If the players did not share Lee’s sentiments for Clementine, if they got annoyed by her, the whole series would instantly be dead in the water.

Clearly, they managed to pull it off superbly, and nothing better exemplifies their narrative success than this subtle little scene from Episode 4. Lee has been separated from the group and when he returns to the house that acts as their current homebase, his first impulse is to go and check on Clementine. Nobody knows exactly where she is, and the tension keeps getting stronger and stronger as Lee goes form room to room, calling out her name, his anxiety rising—as well as his annoyance at realizing that nobody else is as worried as he is.

Well, nobody else… except the player, who at this point completely shares Lee’s emotions. I think this scene is the point where players first fully realize just how much the game has made them care about Clementine. And that is one hell of an achievement, one that could not have been possible without the outstanding work of the writers, artists, animators and voice actress, Melissa Hutchison, who brought Clementine to life.

This scene stands out as one of the most memorable in the history of adventure gaming and, for this, is presented with this Special Achievement Award.

And that’s it for today! See you tomorrow as we get back to the normal categories!


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I agree! You said it so well, that there’s nothing more to add.


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Cornfed Pig: You parked in a handicapped zone.
Duckman: Who cares? Nobody parks there anyway, except for the people who are supposed to park there and, hell, I can outrun them anytime.


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Yes Yes Yes! Great award.

Carl from the Tv show could learn some things from Clem


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