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Adventure Games EXAMPLE websites

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Joined 2012-12-19


Hi guys,

Newcomer here, longtime lover of these games.  Dunno if this is the appropriate place for this, but I dug around a bit.

I’m a teacher and I’m creating an afterschool program that sort of will have kids create adventure games and play them.  It’s all with pen, paper, and the mind.  No computers.  No board games. Just pencil and paper.  You create a story and create puzzles for the other kids in the group to solve in order to progress through the story.  Does anybody know of any websites or “games” out there now that I could show them?  I hope I’m being clear here and I’m not even sure this is the appropriate place to post this, but if anyone here can give me any help to illustrate the point to them, I’d be grateful.  These are kids who tend not to be toasts of the middle-school popular crowd, so I want this club to succeed. 

I’ve got enough examples from games I’ve played (and I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but growing up I kind of made up my own puzzles and games), so I can make do, but the more examples I can put together, the better.

Again, not sure if this is the right place for this, but I think it would help.  Thanks, everyone.


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Hi Mr.TheBlackSwapper

i think of 2 things that can help you (in general)

1. watching video on the tube for Adventures Gameplaying , they are everywhere but it will take a lot of effort but it will open your mind on some tricks of how to create your Puzzles as long as dont have the time play them, and you can also use/read the the written walkthrough while watching the video to get hold of the whole picture.
for a puzzle example in one game imagine you find a locker with 5 drawers which holds an important key you would need, and attached to the locker sorta of handle/lever that does not budge , and the five drawers hold nothing important (no key) but somehow with little thinking the kid would try to use that lever while each of the drawers is opened and one specific drawer the lever will results A Click! and a secret compartment is revealed.

2. you can check this illustrated walkthrough site http://secretfiles3walkthrough.blogspot.com/2012/09/findawayout.html
this link will send you to a part of Secret File 3 Game and from there you can easily find your way through for more other Adventures


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