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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Thursday 29 November 2012


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Everyone should have played Colossal Cave Adventure, the game that gave the genre its name and the vast majority of its conventions. It would shorten those silly debates about what adventures are.

It’s actually an eerie experience to realize just how much the genre has remained the same in the 35 years since Colossal Cave. And comparing what the genre was originally and what it is now always gives me a renewed sense of respect for Ron Gilbert, since pretty much any change in the genre’s central conventions can be traced back to him—everything else has remained the same.

So if you care about adventure games, even if you generally don’t like text adventures, go and play Colossal Cave, even if only for historical reasons! (And it’s a fine game in its own right, albeit very, very unforgiving.)


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How unforgiving can it be if you can kill a dragon with your bare hands? Tongue


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Hehehe, this made me chuckle Grin I haven’t played a text adventure since the late 80’s. I think I may do something about that now^^


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Grr, the Adventure Shop doesn’t have it. Or Steam, or GOG.  Cry

Oh well.


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Here you go:


You can play it on-line. (Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.)


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check the dragon pulse Crazy


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Seems good (poor dragon…)! I’ll start playing it tomorrow.


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