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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Saturday 24 November 2012


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The third episode of the Gobl*ns series is the one that most resembles a traditional adventure, with a proper inventory and puzzles that, while still relying on trial-and-error quite a bit, at least try to make a bit of sense.

I remember that this room in particular (which is pretty early into the game if I’m not mistaken) had some clever puzzles based on changing the colour of the room.


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The original goblins games were all great, albeit bizarre and often way too difficult. Still, their charm made it all worth it. Never tried the new game though.

My favorite is the third game mentioned here Smile


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I’ve said it before - Goblins 3 is the weakest of the series by far. It removed the dynamics of the multi-goblin interplay which made the game unique and incredibly enjoyable. And the puzzles were much more illogical and trial-and-error making it frustrating to play (more than usual). Even Goblins 4 was better (some didn’t like it, I did).

Anyway, great series. Goblins 2 would have made my top 100.


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