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Midnight Quest


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Released yesterday, and Streamers reviews today’s all Very positive, except for how short it is, made me go and watch some play vids for it; it looks like an absolute classic PnC at first look, but then i discover it is more Machinarium gameplay style. And tho i have a hunch it was pushed this was instead of making it a Classic PnC, to lower the costs of the voice acting and its headaches for different regions languages releases, the whole nine yards! but anyways, it is with-OUT any dialogue. which is not much out there of this kind without even needing to compare it to the classic PnC AGs ut there.

All looks perfect for me esp, after my yesterday thread about -Hard Puzzles, These days- and coincidently reviews say it’s puzzles are not easy, how hard?, i yet need to play it, but i don’t use Stream anymore, waiting for its release on Gog and maybe it’s review here.
And Jackal!, hi, this game worth a fast review (or maybe you already on it) and i see it getting a good rate, absolutely.

I love those things that come outta the blue without being hyped at them, what! Not knowing anything about them, reminds of Silent Age or Doomsday,  suddenly you only know they are out there and you can’t wait to play, Yaay!!.. Gosh, i speak much!!, anyways, anyone tried/gotten it yet?


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Yes, I have finished it the other day. It’s rather short, and the hotspots aren’t changing the cursor or anything, so it’s often guess clicking. When stuck, use everything in your inventory on everything on the screen.
Apart from that, the puzzles are always logical and rather easy. It’s a fun little game for little money, so yes, you can buy it without feeling like you’ve wasted your money. Have fun! I did.


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