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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Sunday 28 October 2012


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When my friends ask me why I don’t get more furniture for my flat, I tell them it’s because I’m afraid it’s going to start flying at my face one day.

I really wanted to conclude this week about scenes that couldn’t exist without their soundtrack with Fahrenheit, because Angelo Badalamenti’s score is such an integral part of the game. It does a fantastic job of conveying the characters’ mood and emotions, whether it’s Lucas’s helplessness in the face of events he doesn’t understand, or the adrenaline rush of the relentless action sequences.

Preparing this week’s threads has prompted me to replay Fahrenheit for the first time since its original release. I haven’t gone very far yet because Virtue’s Last Reward arrived in my mailbox soon after and took precedence, but I really loved the few chapters I replayed. It’s still a fantastic story-telling experience, perfectly enhanced by the interactive elements.


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I was really enjoying myself while playing this. Well, “play” is a strong word for an interactive movie and I did miss a little bit of gameplay while following the story. I really hated those arcade elements in the action scenes and I hope that they are better integrated in Heavy Rain (haven’t played it yet). But boy, that game has an ATMOSPHERE. I loved the way I could interact with everything around me and the mouse-movement-interface really suited me. I remember spending quite a long time, just chilling in Carla’s apartment, listening to her stereo (favorite song there), taking a shower and walking her around in bikini Innocent  I enjoyed the plot too, to a certain moment. After the middle of the game, things got kind of carried away for me Smile


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Fantastic game until the story goes off the rails in the last act. That doesn’t ruin it, though.


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This and “Still Life” are two games I love to play on a cold, snowy night. So atmospheric.


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