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The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy

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The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonca & PizzaBoy is a game that is based on a trilogy of graphic novels that were published in the U.S by Dark Horse Comics. It is a horror themed adventure game that was developed by OKAM Studio with close input from both the writer of the comics; Filipe Melo, as well as illustrators Juan Cava and Santiago Villa (who wrote the story and illustrated the game respectively). The game is said to be packed full of homages to horror films, b-movies and nerd culture.
From the trailer (I will include below) it looks to be in the mould of old school adventure games and seems to have been made with care rather than as a quick cash in as it looks pretty attractive. I have a demo of the game so when I have played it I will be able to provide more detail on just how fun an experience it is. I hadn’t heard of the graphic novels this is based on so it will be interesting to see if not having read them is a hurdle.
Sneak a peek at production preview

via @youtube


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looks pretty awesome. don’t know a thing about the comic book but so far I can say I admire the artwork and the music theme.

p.s. love the jacket inventar Smile


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Oh my, I like the art design. When should we expect to see a demo of the game that we can play? Smile


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