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Black Mirror 2 / Black Screen Error

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Just completed Black Mirror and started Black Mirror 2

Up to Chapter 2, however when I attempt to access the post office / gift shop, I am presented with just a black screen.  The game has not crashed, I can still access my icons at the bottom of the screen.  I cannot however access the shop (I need to do so to collect a parcel / hand in a delivery note) no hot spots show up when I press the space bar.  The only option is to select the postcard in my inventory and select another area to visit.

Any ideas / any fix - or is it a re-intsall job?


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I’ve never heard of that problem with Black Mirror 2 before.

What version of the game are you playing (Steam, GOG, a disc version)?

With the original german disc version the game had a very sophisticated copy protection that leads to various gameplay problems if it detects that the BlackMirror2.exe has been modified. Like you suddenly can’t talk to certain characters anymore, characters displayed completely black, inventory can’t be scrolled anymore. But I haven’t heard of a completely black location as a result.

If its the Steam version I suggest to check the file integrity of the game (Link).
With another version I would also try to reinstall the game and to backup the savegame files first (you find them in the subfolder “BlackMirror2\savegames” of the Documents folder).

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