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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Thursday 18 October 2012


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Ooh, Dragon’s Breath… The drink that makes MI grog look like a cocktail for little girls!

The Hero-U Kickstarter is starting tomorrow, so I thought I’d post something from Quest for Glory today. Anyone excited? By the way, there’s a very interesting post by Corey Cole here about whether QfG and Hero-U are adventures or RPGs. (All those people claiming that it makes no sense to see the QfG series as anything but adventure games might want to read that one carefully…  Naughty )


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i never played any QFG 1 remakes , only Hero’s Quest the text Phaser Adventure and it was an experience that i can never forget ...

in time without walkthoughs i managed to finish it alone and it took a while and long while i must say.
the RPG feature which was the 1st in any Sierra Games made me a little uneasy at the beginning but after a while of (training) climbing trees, picking locks and throwing the knife it became obsessional.

QFG series are the only RPG-Adventure the i ever played and it did worth every second     and score/point i gained.

too excited for Hero-U project


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Just bought the series and started to play the first remake. Interesting, although I still haven’t gotten a hang of the fighting. Shifty Eyed


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