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Recommended TV serials


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I’m currently working my way through Star Trek Voyager on Netflix. I find it better than I expected it to. I watched a few episodes here and there when it first aired, but that was a long time ago. It absolutely has the best theme music of all Star Trek. (I’ve gone through TNG, DS9 and Discovery and enjoyed them all, in different ways.)

I can add my voice to the praise of Babylon 5. It’s great. I even bought the DVD sets of the entire series. Haven’t seen the movies, though. Are they worth tracking down?

I’ll say that the first season of Jessica Jones is among the best that’s come from Marvel. Of maybe super hero stuff was just still fresh at the time. David Tennant was awesome in it though.

Speaking of Tennant, I’m a bit sad that Netflix one have Doctor Who starting with Matt Smith. (And as of yet no Jodie Whittaker either.) So I haven’t seen much of his doctor. Bowties are cool, though. Smile

The Beforeigners on HBO has an unusual premise. I really liked it.

His Dark Materials also turned into a favourite - I hope they’ll release series two soon. (I haven’t read the books. Probably should do that too.)

The Good Omens adaptation (based on the Pratchett/Gaiman book) is excellent. I try to avoid Amazon, but went for an Amazon Prime trial to watch it last summer, and it was absolutely worth it!

What else have seen recently? (Checks Netflix history.) Oh, yes. The Indian Detective is another miniseries that I really liked.

And speaking of detective series, The no 1 Ladies Detective Agency is another one that’s in my DVD collection. A massive feel good injection, that one.

Anne with an E is good if you like that kind of series. (I haven’t seen much of the second series - I watched it together with my mum, who dies a year ago… )

The Good Place exceeded my expectations. It’s both funny and clever.

I have also seen a lot of the Arrowverse series. I get bored by the darkness after a while, so I’m taking a break from them.

The Worst Witch is nothing special, but a lot of fun. Was a very good change of pace after Arrow.

Sempre Bruja (did I spell that right?) was also well worth watching.

I may have been watching too much tv-series, despite no longer owning a tv.


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Trumgottist - 12 April 2020 04:08 PM

I can add my voice to the praise of Babylon 5. It’s great. I even bought the DVD sets of the entire series. Haven’t seen the movies, though. Are they worth tracking down?

Not really, in my opinion. I thought A Call To Arms was worth watching, but the others aren’t much to write home about. I never bother with them when doing a rewatch of the series.


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Currently watching 12 monkeys the TV-show. Highly recommended.

Was drawn to it because of the time travel element and high praise it his gotten. According to critics every subsequent season(there are 4) gets better and the show ends with one of the best TV show endings, according to critics that is. Also it was planned from the beginning to tell its story over the course of 4 seasons, so you can tell its carefully plotted and things get set up early on. Its strange because this series has gone under the radar for most somehow.

I am into the second season now and it has truly become great. Great story and fast-paced i.e. no unnecessary padding(if it were any other show they would have taken 4 seasons prolly just to tell 1 season of this shows story). First season might turn you off early on because they ran on a tight budget, but stick with it and you will realize how well crafted the story is and a lot of things start to pay off. Season 2 so far seems to be bigger, better, bolder.

Also to the user Henke; Going by your list you seem to be into mystery shows, check out Jonathan Creek. Its focus is impossible/locked room murder mysteries.
Also, the Lupin series you mentioned was indeed great. Also enjoyed the one that takes place in San Marino.


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