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Viewing screenshots on an iPad

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Joined 2016-12-28


When I am interested in a certain adventure game and looking at the screenshots on my iPad, I notice three things which are somewhat annoying:

1. Double clicking the first one of a series of screenshots gives an enlargement. To see number 2 and so on you have to press ‘previous’ instead of ‘next’, which is a little odd I think.
2. Every time you open a new screenshot by clicking ‘previous’ the image is shown shifted down (halfway below the display), so you have to adapt all the time.
3. Having seen all the screenshots there appears to be no way to go back to an overall page displaying other games, apart from using the left arrow on top of the page a number of times (as many times as you have viewed screenshots).

Would it be possible to change this overall manipulation in order to have more fun looking at interesting games? It would make the site even more appealing!

Best regards and have a wonderful adventurous 2017!


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Joined 2012-01-02


1. This issue is not different from handheld devices to desktops.. many of us has already brought up this matter thru the last years but eventually we have to wait for the site next upgrade.

2.  You are lucky that you could view games images on iPad.. on an Android I can’t even find them at one game’s link.. they seem to be out of the layout border.  but I had given CaliMonk enough trouble lately to ask for anything else Smile

3. I think there should be the ‘game’s info’ link somewhere which can bring you back to the current game page at least…  but not sure if that is the case correctly with iPad.


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