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Searching not released games


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Joined 2011-11-13


I know there are not really resources for active development of the site right now, but an idea for a future - unless there is a solution already.

Release Year value for games which are not released could be something different (especially for cancelled games).
I’d like to look a list of cancelled/unreleased/postponed games. I know games which are not released are flagged accordingly, so maybe I could search those. But I can’t find a way.


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Yeah, seems reasonable to filter games by status, so that’s possible at some point. BUT…

...there are probably more games that are not flagged as canceled than games that are. Instead, they simply don’t have a publishing date at all. Very few developers come right out and say that their games will never get made, so I’m reluctant to count anything as canceled that hasn’t been explicitly stated. So the first step is to remove any release date entirely… and that’s where most of them remain.

What we really need is a “limbo” status. Tongue


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