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A suggestion for the free Indie Column

Total Posts: 41

Joined 2013-11-17


I saw this game at an indie game presentation in my hometown. It’s a pixel art game based around a woman who suffered a stroke and now has troubel connecting with her family. http://leafthief.itch.io/ten-weeks

The art imo is amazing. It’s “pay what you want” rather than just free-free, but I thought maybe it would be worth checking out for the column.


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Joined 2013-07-11


The adventure game Ten-Weeks by leaf-Thief is probably one of the most well made games I’ve played.  Highly innovative, with all the trimmings.  Thanks for recommending it.  I’m sure the guys who mod the freeware thread here at AG’ers , will see it sooner or later.




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Joined 2012-02-17


I’ve made sure that Steve Brown, our freeware coordinator, knows about this thread.

Appreciate the heads-up.


Editor-in-Chief, some obscure little site called Adventure Gamers


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Joined 2003-10-16


On my September list, so I should be looking at it shortly.

To echo Jackal, thanks for letting us know. I hate to think anything good might be slipping by us simply because I don’t catch it in my monthly sweep.


No Nonsense Nonsonnets 44

Quest for Knowledge

I’m hoping to find name for game that I played long ago
The people here so well-informed, someone is sure to know
A time machine, grandfather clock, I give it to myself
Oh never mind, the box is sitting there upon my shelf

For real retro gaming nerds, name that game.

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