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Advertising tips for adventure gaming website

Total Posts: 2

Joined 2013-08-09


Hi all,
I’ve just launched a website about adventure games directed to the French speaking public: pointandclick.fr

I am planning to monetize the site with Google Adsense, but I would like to launch quality ads that only target adventure games. I’ve noticed that adventuregamers.com manages to do this, the ads that appear are doubleclick Adsense ads, but they always display the latest games (right now Dreamfall chapters), as if they were able to decide which ads they want to show up on their site at all times.

Now I’ve noticed that regular adsense sites don’t manage to do that, they rather display all kinds of ads, most of which have nothing to do with the products their site is about.

I think it’s important to display the right ads to the right audience. So my question is: does anybody know how to achieve this? I would be really happy to find a way to launch ads that matter on my site, and not just some random ads. So that my site would appeal to adventure gamers, who would not feel like they’re being exploited by irrelevant ads.

Thanks a bunch to anyone who might help


Total Posts: 242

Joined 2011-02-27


Hi Ocram. Google Adsense and Google Doubleclick are two separate things. We use Adsense in a couple of places - you’re probably familiar with how this works already. Doubleclick is an ad delivery platform that we’re using that’s independent of Adsense. It doesn’t actually find ads for you, it just allows you to upload banner ads and specify how/when they are shown. We get to have relevant ads by manually placing ads (from companies like GOG and others) within Doubleclick.

Hope that helps explain a little bit. Good luck with your site!


Retired AG founder

Total Posts: 2

Joined 2013-08-09


Thanks a lot for your reply Marek. I was obviously confused between Adsense and Doubleclick, and the fact that they both belong to Google added to the confusion. I was wondering how the heck could those guys at adventuregamers.com get such good ads on their website. So Doubleclick seems to be the holy grail of advertising I was looking for. I’ll give that a try then…



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