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Screenshot section could really use a redesign

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Joined 2006-03-25


I am always so frustrated with the way the screenshot gallery is laid out. If I’m reading a game review, for instance, and I click on the first pic in the right margin, I’m taken to the gallery. Fine.

But now I have to click “previous image”? I thought I just clicked the first one? That always seems wrong and the button placement is inconvenient. Then each image is its own unique page, so going back to the review I started at requires 20 clicks back when the expectation is just one click. It feels extremely outdated at this point.

Most websites don’t do this kind of design anymore. They at least use embedded slideshows. That would make browsing the pics very easy and smooth without loading a whole new page for each one. And when you’re done looking, you can bounce right back to where you were.

Thanks for considering this feedback!


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Joined 2004-08-01


Chiming in to say I agree with both the OP’s points.


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Joined 2011-02-27


I agree with some of your criticisms. Having a ‘lightbox’ style screenshots gallery is on the (long!) to-do list.

Keep in mind though that other sites often have the benefit of much bigger audiences, and they can even afford to hire full-time programmers to upgrade their tech. But yeah, when I have time for site improvements this is one to look at.


Retired AG founder

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