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Jason L Blair has been a professional writer and game designer since 2001.

His first tabletop game, Little Fears - the roleplaying game of childhood terror, was nominated for the 2001 Origins Awards for Best RPG and Game of the Year. His other works include the urban fantasy roleplaying game Wyrd is Bond, the Villainy! card game, the strategy board game Frankenstein’s Children, and a recent update to his original game Little Fears Nightmare Edition as well as fiction and essays for various publications.

He is currently a freelance story developer and writer in the video game and tabletop fields. You can check out some of his latest work in the upcoming Wii-exclusive shooter Conduit 2 from High Voltage Software and Sega.

Jason has been an adventure game fan for over twenty years. Some of his favorite titles are Grim Fandango, Blade Runner, Syberia I & II, and Still Life. He is excited to be a member of the AdventureGamers.com crew.

You can visit his professional website at JasonLBlair.com or check out his newest game line at LittleFears.com.

If you really want to dig into the minutiae of his life, follow him on Twitter @jasonlblair. He tries not to be boring.

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