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Jón Kristinsson

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Born in Denmark, but moving straight to Iceland, Jon finds it weird to write about himself in third-person.  But enough about him, let’s talk about me.  I’m 19 and slightly disoriented.  That’s where I hope Adventure Gamers will help me.  Put me on the right track in life.  Put on my socks in the morning, make tea for me, do the dishes.  You name it.

Enough of this seriousness.  I’ve been an adventure gamer from the age of 3, if I remember correctly.  My first adventure game being King’s Quest 3.  Slowly I became acquainted with some of adventure history’s greatest adventures which finally led to me discovering the Adventure Gamers forum.  It wasn’t until the site went down and the forum became the only haven for the scum of this site that I dared open my mouth.  It took time, but eventually I was accepted into this great community as a young one in need of direction.  Obviously, they didn’t help much cause I’m still disoriented, if not more.

In my spare time, I draw, enjoy films, the occasional book or spending time with a very special lady.

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