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“Our story begins in a make-believe land called France” - Homer Simpson

I originally wrote for Adventure Gamers in 2004 before taking an extended break to grow up a bit, returning once again with my tail between my legs in 2011.

I live in London with my partner, and work at Disney as a Producer for their Disney Junior channel. I hold a degree in French from Exeter University.

Outside work i’m a keen actor as well as a huge music fan. I’m an avid follower of the band Garbage.

I’ve been playing Adventure Games since I was about 8 or 9. Dad used to bring home fantastic games like ‘the Secret of Monkey Island’ or ‘Beneath a Steel Sky’ and sit there playing them for hours. My brother and I used to pretend to play, but ended up waiting for him to solve a puzzle, just so we could move on a bit.

20 years later and I still love them, although thankfully I don’t need my dad’s help anymore. I love watching the story unfold, or the thrill of solving something that’s been haunting you for days.

Follow me on Twitter @robbfrank

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