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Why adventure games are NOT actual games?


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Let’s face it. Adventure games are not actual games. In the last 22 years (now I am 35) I tried to play all kind of adventure games, from the very first Adventure (a.k.a. Colossal Cave Adventure) to the latest Dedalic releases. Adventure games were always considered as a genre to show off the technological power of the previous decades, computer systems. Adventure games, either we talk about comedies, thrillers, sci-fi, horror stories etc., they have to be logical because simply, if they are NOT logical, there is no reason for someone to play that kind of “games”. (Otherwise, they should call them “Pray to God for an inspiration, in order to guess what was in the developer’s mind while he/she was designing it!”). And that is not entertaining at all! Because, in the bottom line, gaming means entertainment. The adventure game genre in my opinion shouldn’t exist. Instead, all that kind of “games” should be named as “interactive movies/cartoons”, but definitely not games. And if someone believes that Broken Sword or Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis, were the finest examples of puzzle design, I have to say that he is fooling himself. I am sorry but that’s the truth. There will NEVER be an interactive movie with “perfect” puzzles. Simply, because something like that is by nature, IMPOSSIBLE. Puzzles will always be either illogical (for the common sense) either logical, which is analyzed to very easy to solve a.k.a. “just click to see what’s next”. But in that case, what remains? Maybe a good story/characters? Maybe good graphics and /or music? Nothing else. Not a big difference from a movie, right?

Oh, yes, I forgot….. the few traces of interactivity!!!! Cheers Smile


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yea right!! better than games, indeed   Tongue


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This strikes me as a very troll-ish first post. Posting on an adventure game message board saying, “Adventure games aren’t REAL games! They are either super easy, and therefore just the same as watching a movie, or else impossible because they are completely illogical!”

Well, fortunately, the folks here know from personal experience that your evaluation is…lets’s say “flawed”. At least for most fans of the genre. I can’t speak for your personal experience, of course, though I am (understandably, I think) skeptical that you really have a serious point to make, rather than trying to make waves.


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Of course they are, don’t be silly.

Well there might be a few exceptions (I’m looking at you Telltale), but in general your analysis is just BS!

Seriously try a game like Keepsake, and tell me if you still think there is not a big difference between that and a movie.


You have to play the game, to find out why you are playing the game! - eXistenZ


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