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Watercooling for PC?

Total Posts: 1

Joined 2014-04-07


Hey fellow gamers,

My computer is overheating and crashes often. The performance is really crappy. I’ve a lenovo desktop. I was told by someone about water cooling. Can anyone comment on this?

1. Do you use water cooling as a gamer?
2. If not, why not?
3. Do you have any water cooler vendors that I can buy from online?
4. If water cooling is not an option, what do you use for increasing computer performance?

Appreciate everyone’s response on this… really want to stop my computer performance issues!

counterstrike2014 Shifty Eyed


Total Posts: 26

Joined 2009-04-20


Overheating can be caused by dust build up over time, just as with a desktop PC. You need to clean it every so often, or your system will slow down, crash or if never cleaned, components can die prematurely. So i’d look into cleaning as well, if you don’t already.

You can get some external devices that you sit the laptop on to help circulate air around the laptop or have fans to circulate air & push away the heat faster.




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