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Please add a link to the games website


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Jackal - 29 May 2019 09:42 PM

The Steam references are because the game is listed on our Steam Curator page, which we maintain ourselves. So we’re making use of a service they offer rather than Steam really “giving” us anything.

I don’t disagree with you about adding Steam links more regularly, but I trust you can understand that we really need to maximize affiliate purchases as much as possible. (Because believe me, it ain’t much! Tongue)

It’s certainly something I’ve been thinking about adding for a while, when I revisit the games page I’ll look into this. The reason Humble Bundle has a Steam icon is because, well, you get a Steam key. I might change it, but was hoping people that are looking for a Steam key would understand that you can get one there.

As Jack says, we get a _very_ small commission from sales through GOG, Epic and Humble, it’s enough on a yearly basis to at least cover part of our costs. Combine this with the Patrons and some ad revenues and we can keep our heads afloat.

You might have noticed that I’ve started to remove advertising from more prominent spaces as I just feel it degrades the experience too much, the challenge is that we do need some form of income to ensure we can stay around for years to come. So it’s a balancing act.

TL;DR Point taken, will look into feasibility.


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