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Call of Cthulhu: The OFFICIAL Video Game

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Joined 2018-07-24


Hey guys. Just a quick PSA here.

I think you should update the name of this game at least in the Hype-o-Meterâ„¢ and related pages.

I guess it took the developers a while to figure out why it was a bad idea to refer to their product as “the official videogame” but it seems they finally noticed it was a dumb name and updated their site, trailers and other promotional materials.

So to recap: The actual name of that game now is “Call of Cthulhu” according to their site. Let’s not encourage crazy people and executives to believe they actually own stuff they don’t Tongue


Total Posts: 1263

Joined 2012-02-17


Oh, heh. Yeah, good call. I actually meant to take that tagline off the game title everywhere it appeared but forgot about the HoM!


Editor-in-Chief, some obscure little site called Adventure Gamers

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