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Promo code GIVEAWAY! flowmo: art game for iPad

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Hi everyone!

This is Tamara from ToyBox Labs, a new indie studio. If you’ve been hanging around these forums way too long, you may recognize me as a very old-time regular and past contributor to AG.

I’m here to give away some free codes for our new game, flowmo, which has just been released for iPad, for $2.99. flowmo is decidedly not an adventure game—however, if you like to play adventure games to be immersed in a strange world, or to have an atmospheric experience, I think you’re likely to enjoy flowmo. flowmo is entirely unique and therefore pretty hard to describe—but I’ll do my best!

Just as in the best classic adventures, in flowmo there is no way to die, and there are no time pressures on any interactions. Unlike the best adventures, there’s also no way to get stuck.

flowmo is designed to immerse you in an alien world—our testers unanimously describe the experience as “trance-like”. Inspired by the likes of Proteus and Journey, flowmo is a game based on discovery and exploration, lying on the boundary between interactive art and game. The flowmo experience seeks to create an atmosphere of awe and wonder, and to inspire a sense of genuine emotional attachment in the player.

If you’d like to find out more, check out our website, or go to Digitally Downloaded for an in-depth discussion of the game design philosophy behind flowmo.

I’m giving away 10 free promo codes for flowmo on iPad. You need an iPad 2 or higher running iOS 6+ to run the game.

PM me if you’d like a free code.

Finally, for the old timers: Pan


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