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What do you think about my idea for a notable old-school RPG game?

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Joined 2013-04-26


Months back I played some of the Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior games for the 8-bit NES.

It gave me an idea, what if we were to make a MASSIVE old-school style JRPG game like that? And I mean massive not just in geography but amount and variety of enemies. If those old JRPG games had one drawback it was that the repetition of enemies could sometimes get monotonous. Some of the funnest moments of those games are when you come across new enemies, or encounter the rare enemies like Metal Slimes / Babbles in Dragon Warrior and the WarMech in Final Fantasy 1.

What if we made a game like this with so many different enemies (perhaps 50,000) that each one became somewhat rare because of it? What if we made it with so many enemies that it would be possible to beat the game and not have even seen half of them?

As for the gameworld itself, it would be huge, so big that the size of one dungeon would be the equivalent of the entire game map of Final Fantasy 1. It could be so big that it would take at least a year’s worth of playing to beat it, and I mean of course, that only the time spent playing the game would be counted towards that year.


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Guess this is a dead thread, but I too love old console era nes games.  For me though, I would love to see more games in the vein of zelda over ff/dragon warrior. I played both back in the day, but the action/combat and exploration of zelda always remains the most memorable.  The newer evolved zeldas have completely lost that original feel of exploration and world immersion.

What I would love to see is a new old school action/adventure/rpg in the vein of zelda. Something like, Zelda meets Quest For Glory!!! ***dreams***  and I would also love to have a gigantic World Of Warcraft sized world to explore with this kind of gaming format. Multiple continents maybe?  A Link To The Past felt soooo gigantic playing it the first time with both the dark world and light world to explore.  anyway, heck, It could even be online, though not required. (back to original Diablo roots or something). 

I’m sure it would never happen, but this kind of game would be everything I’ve been waiting for since the 80s. cheerz :]


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