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A new Tim Schafer Game ? (Nope, Massive Chalice by Double Fine)


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Allready they’re almost at $500.000 (with a $725.000 goal), with almost 13000 backers, so it looks like they’ve got this in the bag. I think I’ll sit this one out aswell. I prefer strategy games to be real-time, and it doesn’t look like they’re gonna have any problems getting the funds anyway. The pitch video was awesome though Smile


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Actually, I really like the fact that this is turn-based instead of real-time. I never was too fond of WarCraft or Command & Conquer and the likes, but I absolutely love the Civilization games, as well as the Axis & Allies video game, and Age of Wonders and the likes.

As far as strategy games go, this one is now on my radar. And the funding is almost there already after just a few days, so that’s in the bag. I guess 2 mil will be about right. Let’s see what Brad Muir can do with that…


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