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Interesting ARG-like Kickstarter - The Nitch


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Joined 2013-08-10


Hey guys,

I don’t normally plug for Kickstarters, but there’s one going on right now that I thought might interest y’all, especially if you like alternate reality gaming. It’s called The Nitch - an illustrated talisman, and essentially it’s a hand-bound leather storybook, written in the vein of Lewis Carroll and Dr. Seuss.

However, there’s an online component as well, where players will crack a code in the book for a chance to find real-world treasure located throughout the continental USA. It looks like a really slick production, partly supported by the Iowa Arts Council, so check it out if you’re interested.

Just so you know, I’m not involved with this project in any way, shape or form, other than finding it intriguing and a steal for the asking price. I found out about it through the Unwritten Myst RPG guys, because they thought it looked like a “Myst-y” sort of project to back. I thought so too, so I thought if any of my fellow AGers might be interested, I’d bring it to your attention.

Thanks, everyone. Wink


K R Parkinson - Staff Writer

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